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Front Range Siding & Remodeling offers the highest quality siding products. We'll be happy to show you samples of our beautiful and durable products when you schedule an appointment.

QUEST (High sierra)

Want an authentic wood look? Tornado-tough design? Unmatched performance? Quest delivers. And it offers a virtually endless palette of colors — with 35 base colors and over 700 DreamColor™ hues.



No paint. No stain. No hassles. Beats fiber cement siding…hands down. When it comes to insulation, thicker is better. Wrap your home in one of the thickest insulated siding products in the industry today. Structure® EPS Insulated Siding is bonded to one of the thickest insulations available. Up to 1-1/4" of real insulation increases the wall system’s R-value to R4 which increases performance up to 25%. And can reduce noise levels by as much as 30%. Structure EPS Insulated Siding delivers superior strength, beauty, style and performance.



No paint. No stain. No hassles. One of the thickest insulations in the industry. Liberty Elite® unites the classic look of freshly painted wood with exceptional durability. Enhanced, oversized locking system and premium .048 thickness deliver greater stability — even in high winds. Our Hang-Tough™ Technology boosts durability so panels are more resistant to cracking, impact and thermal distortion.

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